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NorthTracker Machine gps tracker


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NorthTracker Machine - a GPS for theft protection and personal security. It´s easy to follow the GPS in real-time, so you can track stolen property or quickly get to the location, in the event of an accident. Connect the red and black wires to +/- on an 8-32 volt battery and start tracking all over Europe. Machine reacts to movement and transmits its position in real-time. This means that it sends an alert as soon as it leaves a security zone, and you can see its exact location. If it has not transmitted it has not moved, and it is still at its latest position. If you disconnect Machine an alert will be sent and it will start sending on the internal battery instead. NorthTracker Machine also creates a log with addresses, time and route. This feature makes it possible to use the log when you need to recall its movement for correct billing for example. Subscription fee will be added. Machine is waterproof and ready for tough environments - are you!

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Manufacturers product code Machine
Bar code 7350086650020
Color Black
Length 46mm
Width 20mm
Height 102mm
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